Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Powerline Communication

The Acom Powerline Adapter

Powerline Communications digital signals connect the electronics in our home or office through the existing power lines within a building. Powerline Communications can provide:
  • High speed digital Internet- worldwide, fast and secure surfing on the Internet, e-commerce, e-mail and e-banking
  • Telephony- Powerful telephone connection using the internet that offers security and good speech quality. You can also send and receive fax messages
  • Smart Homes- Remote maintenance and in-house control of internet enabled household appliances like refrigerators, heating systems, smoke and fire alarm systems.
  • Security- Surveillance systems with both visual and motion detectors that can be monitored by you and a security service.

In powerline networking, powerline networks use our existing house wiring for networking. We just plug in our computers to powerline modems and the connections are done. We are networked by just plugging in, so we as homeowner can create an entire home network linking our personal computer, printers, TV set-top box, music equipment, internet access, etc without running any new wires.
So now we have our fast Internet connection for our home computer and we want to share it with the other machines in our home. A computer network would let we share Web access, Printers, PC hard drives from any plug in our home or office.
The advantages using powerline communication are:

  • No more wires need, just plug in
  • Can share our Internet connection
  • Can move our computers and appliances where we want
  • Easy to install and use
  • high transmission rate, right now 3 Mbps (up to 30 times faster than ISDN) in uploading and downloading with speeds of 100 Mbps possible
  • Secure data-encryption
  • Utilizes existing power source for all your communications needs.